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Why You Need the Pawber Car Seat Cover!

There is no escaping a car ride with your dog which means that your car's backseat must be as pet friendly and safe as possible.  The last thing a dog owner wants is their dog jumping and pacing around on uneven upholstery scratching the leather while the car continues to move forward with the flow of traffic.  

The Pawber Dog Car Seat Cover was created to mimic a small play pen in the backseat so that your dog can feel comfortable and safe while traveling in the car.  Along with the safety measures, we also made the seat cover durable and waterproof to protect your car from any accidents and possible paw scratching. 

 Even cleaning up after a trip has never been easier.  No more worrying about muddy paws messing up the back seat anymore!  Simply toss the seat cover in the wash and quickly adjust in the back seat before your next trip.  

Easy To Install

Quick To Clean

Protect Your Upholestry