Pet Food Scale Cup With Led Display

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Feed your pets the right amount of food with this smart food scoop

Over-feeding our dogs has become a common practice, leading to the prevalence of obesity, disease and other health problems that ultimately lead to a shortened life expectancy of our pets.

Every responsible pet owner knows that one of the most important things we can do is to take care of our pets to make sure they are eating correctly.

One of the ways we make sure our pets are healthy is to use this “smart spoon” to accurately measure the food portion of your pet, as the balance in front of the spoon can lead you to a healthier feeding operation.


1. Quantify the pet's food to make the pet's diet more balanced.
2. Food Measurement: This is a good feeding, cooking measurement tool!
3. Four units of measurement: Effective measurement of g, ml, cup, ounce.Weigh solid and liquid ingredients such as flour, beans, flavors and water.

4. Simply press the UNIT button to switch the measurement unit.
5. Removable spoon: Removable spoon for easy cleaning and maintenance, making it safe and healthy.
6. The electronic scale spoon has a clear LED displaymodel and is clear and easy to read.

Product Name: Pet Food Scale
Material: ABS (durable -20 to 100 ° C)
White color
Power: 1 CR2032 button battery
Range: 800 grams
Accuracy: 1g
Unit: g / ml / cup / oz / fl'oz
Size: total length 23 cm, spoon height 5 cm, width 9.5 cm, length 10 cm

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