3M/5M Retractable Dog Leash with Automatic Felxible Traction Rope Belt

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Man’s best friend has long stood by our side with a little help from the humble dog leash. But if you’re in the market for a leash to wrangle your new pet, which kind of leash should you turn to: the ol’ classic, or the newfangled version ? 


✅FOR ANY DOG: Having the perfect leash for your pup is essential in order to take good care of him when going out for a walk. Luckily, the retractable leash is the perfect accessory, sturdy and safe, for your dog, no matter if he is a small, medium or big-sized breed.

✅ONE BUTTON CONTROL: Our retractable dog leash provides you with complete control over your pet! Simply press the brake button down and lock it by pushing forward with your thumb

✅LONG ENOUGH: The problem with the traditional dog leashes is that they are so short, they barely let any room for free movement to your puppy. Although having a short leash is important when it comes to more crowded moments, leaving your dog have freedom is important, which is why we have designed no less than 16 ft of a strong and sturdy retractable leash.

✅STRONG AND SAFE: In order to make sure that you can control your dog, no matter its size, we have used strong and sturdy material that will never break, no matter how powerful your pup may be. Take care of your best friend and keep him safe from any harm with the automatic retractable dog leash!

✅LOCK BUTTON: Offering freedom to your dog is normal and even necessary, but if you too live in a crowded city where your dog may be harmed by cars and even moving people, then you know that sometimes having control over your pup is necessary. For this reason, we have added a block button that will stop the leash at just the length you chose so that you can keep your pup safe.

How to use our retractable dog lead:
  1. Hold the handle and let the dog running, when the button on the lowest site, you can easily release the leash.
  2. The you get the suitable length, push the button to lock the leash
  3. Push the button to the end to lock the button, then you can easily control your dog now.

 Product features:

  1. One-click operation to change the length of the rope, easy and convenient to use
  2. Can be stretched to a distance of 5 meters, giving the dog enough range of motion
  3. The tension of the rope has been professionally tested and 20kg-45kg is completely pressure-free.
  4. User-friendly ergonomic handle design for more comfortable use
  5. Protect your pets at all times, no longer have to worry about the safety of your pets

Product specifications:

  • Material: ABS outshell and nylon dog lead
  • Lead Length: 5m/16ft
  • Max Weight: 50KG

 Kindly reminder:

  • Remember to lock the brake when you get your ideal distance from the dog
  • Remember to lock the brake when the traction rope is pulled to the end, so as not to damage the internal mechanism.


  • Please keep it out of reach of children
  • Please always keep your dog under control
  • Please use it within the maximum weight
  • Please no more twisting the rope around hands, trees or fixed objects.
  • Please dont open the cover in case of being hurt by spring inside
  • Please avoid to be hurt by the rope instant rollback due to broken leash or drag hook's disrupt


  • 1 x Retractable Dog Leash

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